I have been obsessed with finding solutions for how to live more sustainably on the Earth since my eyes were opened at age 22, whilst undertaking my university degree. Issues were pointed out everywhere I looked, but no one was talking about the solutions. I decided to dedicate my life to that.

Pretty early in the game I identified self sufficient living to be the ultimate solution – growing and making your own, and living off the land. But I also realised that was majorly unachievable from my starting point.

I knew nothing about growing or making my goods from scratch. I was bought up in the age of convenience, where all my daily needs were met via packaged goods from supermarket shelves.

My journey started with focusing on health and paying attention to what I put onto/into my body and surrounding environment. I started looking at ingredients and making better choices when it came to store bought packaged convenience.

Slowly but surely I started to improve my knowledge and skill set by learning to make my own goods from scratch. My focus was always on finding the simplest and most effective recipe/methodology.

Although I’d identified self sufficient living to be my ultimate solution, I was also on the lookout for a collective solution for humanity as a whole. I wanted something I could implement in my daily life, that was achievable whilst I work toward my end goal. 

Throughout my life, I truly believed the solution to waste was being a good recycler and knowing what went into the rubbish and recycling bins. It was whilst working for local government in 2013 that my awareness and focus started to shift.

One of the first things I did in my role was to introduce kerbside recycling bins into the town, and around the same time I also got involved in reviewing an application for a new landfill that wanted to commence. Researching these 2 things sent me down the rabbit hole of looking at the waste industry, and the more I learnt the more concerned I became.

It was during this time I identified Waste Reduction to be the link that tied all my sustainable interests and solutions together. I formed the belief that the single most important thing humanity can do to return balance and respect to the Earth is focus on Waste Reduction, which in turn, helps to improve the health of humans and the environment.

I have been living what I term a Low Waste Lifestyle since 2013, where I have been able to successfully put both my rubbish and recycling bin out for collection once per year. The amount going into both is continually on the decline, with my ultimate goal being to live a Self Sufficient Zero Waste Lifestyle. It’s a work in progress.

But Zero Waste and Self Sufficiency doesn’t need to be the goal for everyone – that’s simply my dream.

Waste Reduction is the important focus for humanity, which is achievable for all at an individual level, even if it’s one tiny change.

I remember what it was like when I first got started on this journey. The overwhelm could be crippling and the endless hours of research and experimenting probably isn’t something everyone has time for. But why reinvent the wheel when I can just share my knowledge?!

My goal is to educate humanity on the importance of waste reduction, inspire how it’s achievable, and share aspects of my personal lifestyle to assist with long term change.

I’m in the process of writing a ‘Life Bible’ where all my information, recipes and knowledge is recorded to be passed down for generations. Back in the day this was done by family lineage, but with the industrial age of corporations interrupting the process, it’s time to record and reinvigorate the wisdom of old upgraded with the convenience and progression of the new.

My dream is to make sustainable living EASIER for humanity than not.

We can have our cake and eat it too. I believe it’s possible to be custodians of the Earth whilst still enjoying many of humanities advancements – the goal isn’t purism, it’s balance. Stepping stones are the only way forward. Making little changes as we’re able and ready.

I still have a long way to go, but I celebrate how far I’ve come from where I started. We each have the ability to become our own superheroes the Earth needs, starting in our own homes. Let’s not only do it for humanities sake, but also for all living beings on the planet.

We’ve got a big, important job to do, so let’s get started…

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