I don’t know, is this an easy question for other people to answer? Because it isn’t for me.

I’ve only been thinking about this for the last year or two – ‘Who am I?’ and it surprised me that I struggled to answer it. How do you sum up someone that’s multifaceted on so many levels? Here’s what I came up with:

“In a nutshell… I am a Health and Environmental Scientist who’s passionate about Sustainability and Community Development. I’m driven by passion and enthusiasm and have a burning desire to create solutions for living in better harmony with the Earth.”

That’s become my intro paragraph when I’m doing a public speaking gig. But actually, I’m so much more than that. I just don’t know how to shorten it into one bite sized paragraph. So, in my new found love of blogging, I’m going to try answering the question authentically, in a little more detail.

I am unique.

Definitely unique. I don’t fit into any one category, niche, stereotype. I live to the beat of my own drum and I embrace that now. But that wasn’t always the case. I’ve felt lost and lonely for the majority of my life, never able to find where I fitted in, struggling to understand why I was different & questioning why I couldn’t just be ‘normal’. I now know this is my biggest blessing and I’ve now found my kind… other lightworkers.  

I am a lightworker.

(See Blog: ‘I am a Lightworker – What the Bloody Hell is That?’) There’s actually lots of us around and it’s common for us to have similar stories of isolation and struggle. It kinda goes with the territory. All lightworkers have special life paths and purposes. We’re here on a mission, spreading light, but in order to do that you also need to know the dark.

I love animals.

All of my life I’ve been an animal lover and I’ve had many special feathered, furred, scaled and wooled friends. Each has played a role, been a teacher, supported me or helped me with healing. They’ve always filled my life with extreme love.

I am passionate.

Like, SO much. On so many topics. I am 100% driven by passion and enthusiasm and it’s common for people to be infected by it.

I am a healer.

Mainly for the Earth, but also for people, animals and most importantly, myself.

I am driven.

I love learning, breaking down barriers, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and believing anything is possible and then setting about achieving it.

I am a dreamer.

I used to think this was a bad thing, in the early days some of my friends even rolled their eyes as I shared my latest insight and dream. BUT, what I’ve come to know with age is dreams do come true. Just in their own perfect timing. I am constantly astounded when I’m enjoying something in my life and have the realisation I’d dreamt that exact moment into reality years before. Nothing is more important than dreaming.  

I have a higher purpose.

I am driven by something bigger than me. I don’t always understand it, or know how to describe it, but aspects of my life are predestined and predetermined. Learning to surrender has been a big lesson, but when I do, and focus on alignment, magic happens and I’m bathed in abundance and blessings. I feel like that now.

So, try mixing all the above into being ‘normal’ in society’s eyes is, um, sometimes challenging, but actually, I reckon I’m nailing it. I love it all! But I can also tell you it’s with a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief that I’ve found this platform to be Authentically Me and share my truth with the world.

With all my love,

Karla xxx

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