See these bins? My whole life revolves around putting as little as possible into them. Yep, including the recycling bin. This is known as a Zero Waste Lifestyle and is based on eliminating single use packaging as much as possible.


Why? Because there is no such thing as ‘away’ and single use packaging puts a mammoth demand on precious resources for an extremely short lived (and arguably selfish) product.


Did you know plastic is made from oil? And did you know oil is made from ancient plankton that died millions of years ago, which is not self renewing? Did you connect that each piece of paper or cardboard used to be a tree, which would have provided a home, shelter and protection for many species.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I know how blessed we are to have modern day luxuries that stem from mining, oil and gas and other natural resources, but I also believe these incredible resources produced from the Earth should be respected and held in the highest regard… not just turned into short term pleasures to be disposed of, in turn creating mass pollution on this beautiful planet we are lucky enough to call home.


I used to believe I was a good Earth Citizen because I used the right bin to dispose my waste and I trusted that once my bins were conveniently picked up from my roadside kerb, that waste had minimal impact on the Earth, animals or people. But then I got educated. I went to Uni, I worked as a Health Specialist in the Mining, Oil and Gas Industries, I worked at Waste and Recycling Facilities and I worked as an Environmental Officer for a local Government.


I’d always been passionate about Sustainable Living, but I hadn’t paid too much attention to Waste – I thought recycling was the answer. But I now know it’s not. I now believe finding better reusable, sustainable solutions to single use packaging is the answer, and I’ve dedicated my life to the cause.


I found that by focusing on reducing my waste I could significantly improve other areas of my life that I was also passionate about, such as:


? Improving my health because I started making everything from scratch from whole ingredients.

? Improving the Earth’s health by putting less synthetic chemicals down the drain and into landfill + lessening my chance of environmental packaging pollution.

? Improving animals health and wellbeing by not buying products that have been tested on animals, and not contributing to packaging pollution that can end up entangling wildlife’s bodies or being ingested by them.

? Saving money by growing my own, buying second hand, upcycling old and pre-loved items.

? Obtaining clarity by decluttering my life and living minimalistically.

? Feeling proud that I was being part of the solution and that my lifestyle was not a contributing factor to more mines starting up.

? And the list goes on..


Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle requires you to adopt some back to basic, old school principles – you know, like what was normal for our grandparents. And honestly, it’s so bloody rewarding when you find a new solution that mixes old school ways with new world technologies.


To me, this is really about balance. I want my lifestyle to not only take from the Earth, but also to give back.


So, by starting Earth Girl, I’m upping my game! Although I would love all companies and people to care about Zero Waste Living like me, I also know that is silly and quite unrealistic. So, my only option is to start with me first and change my own life to fit my Zero Waste Values. Does that mean I’m perfect and never use single use packaging? Absolutely not! I’m no saint, but I am committed to doing better and improving one step and solution at a time.


To help achieve my cause I’m writing a Zero Waste Life Bible. This is a guiding document that captures all the recipes, methodologies, research and wisdom I’ve found and implemented for living a Zero Waste Life. It’ll be a one-stop reference shop for my first goal of living Zero Waste (my next goal is Self Sufficient Living, but one major goal at a time hey?!).


But I don’t want to keep this information to myself – it’s to be shared so that the lessons learned and solutions found can help inspire others to adopt this sustainable living lifestyle. And wanna know something cool? I’m naturally lazy, and that means I have no time or desire for complicated, time consuming solutions. No siree. My Life Bible is based on solutions that are Easy, Effective AND Convenient.


So, if a Zero Waste Lifestyle, or living more sustainably, is something that floats your boat, intrigues you or makes you think ‘hmmm I’d like to know more’, I’d like to invite you along for the journey…


Each chapter of my Life Bible I’m turning into an in person workshop, E-Book and E-Course package. The in person workshop’s help me to develop the content of the E-Book and E-Course. All participants get these final two products once I feel they’re shmicko and ready to be released to the world.


Not interested in a Workshop/E-Book/E-Course, no probs! I’d still love to be of service and help with any questions you may have to help you towards a lifestyle with less single use packaging. Simply shoot me an email at and I’ll respond publicly (when I have the easiest, most effective and convenient solution) so we can all benefit.


Here’s to doing what we can, when we can, to create a more balanced world for ourselves and all future generations! I’ll raise a zero waste home brew beer to that! CHEERS!


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