How to wash your hair with bicarb and vinegar

How to wash your hair using Bicarb & Vinegar

Apr 22, 2017 | Personal Care | 0 comments

Washing your hair with bicarb and vinegar is super simple.


What you’ll need to keep in the shower:

  • tub of bicarb
  • bottle of vinegar
  • plastic cup



To wash your hair:

  • Put some bicarb in the bottom of your cup (I use about 2 tablespoons)
  • Add water and mix to a solution (I do this by simply swirling the cup while it’s filling up)
  • Tip solution over your head and let it coat your hair
  • Scrub your hair like normal to give it a good wash
  • Rinse


To condition your hair:

  • Ensure cup is well rinsed of the bicarb solution (otherwise it reacts with the vinegar)
  • Add approx half a cup of vinegar to cup
  • Add water to make a solution
  • Tip over your head and ensure all your hair gets coated
  • Rinse


And that’s it!! Super simple!



  • You can use more or less bicarb/vinegar depending on your hair length (adjust accordingly).
  • I add essential oils to my vinegar to give it a nice smell. You can also infuse with herbs by putting fresh herbs (ie lavender or rosemary) into a container and fill with vinegar. Leave for a few weeks to infuse then strain fragranced vinegar into your shower container.
  • When you first start using this method it may take a few washes to remove the coating of non-natural shampoo/conditioner in your hair.
  • I have naturally oily hair and find this method works great for me. It may be different for people with dry hair.


Got questions?

Got feedback?

Do you use a different simple environmentally friendly solution?

I’d love to hear all about it! Please comment below 🙂


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