I thrive off learning new things. I love to learn and then I can make an educated decision if I want to pursue it or not. I’ve always been like that, be it learning to service my own car, building a tiny house from scratch, or training animals with no prior handing – I simply love to learn.


I’m like that with online technology. I first started to teach myself skills when I was working as the Environmental Officer for my local Shire. I loved communicating with the community and wanted to better my presentation. I started an email list simply using Outlook, then I learnt Mailchimp for email campaigns, then I started developing community projects from scratch so learnt how to create Websites… and the list goes on.


Part of my mission in life is to empower other people to live the life of their dreams. I hope to inspire other people to embrace their passions and be the change they wish to see in the world. With this in mind I want to share some of the behind the scene tools and programs I use, love and recommend. I’ve done a TON of research and hope that I can save you time by sharing.


Following is an online course I developed to share my knowledge to get you started in as little time as possible, and all on a shoestring budget.

My First Course Has Landed

My First Course Has Landed

Know you want to create a website to tell your story with the world and start an online business when you’re ready? I’ll help you get started and show you how