Earth Girl Alchemy

There is so much I can offer for sale, but have instead focused on teaching people the skills of making things themselves, which not only empowers them, but also reduces packaging and allows for refilling containers. BUT I’m well aware that people’s most precious resource is time, and this day n age there seems to be less and less of it available as people manage working careers, raising children, dealing with illness etc etc, which is how our packaged modern day conveience has become in high demand. 


But, with selling items online, comes the necessity of packaging suitable to travel far and wide. The thought of this troubled my soul, until my first postal request came in and I decided to give it ago. It was a big learning curve, but also felt so rewarding – both for the giver and reciever. So, here I am, starting to offer online orders, compromising on my values, but happy to provide the gift of products that truely have the best intentions behind them. 


All measures are taken to package goods in items that were destined for the bin. And all efforts will continuously be taken to improve where possible to ensure impact to the environment is minimal. 



Maybe you’ve seen something I’ve made via a post online, or maybe you’ve attended an in person presentation/workshop in the past, and would like to put in a special request for a product? No probs, just let me know and I’ll see what I can sort out:

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