Zero Waste Living Made Easy In-Person Workshop


An introduction to Zero Waste Living. Come for a tour of my house and ask as many questions as you want. Learn how easy it is to live a fulfilled life that improves your health AND the environments.
Plus make & take some helpful products to get you started on your journey.

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Did you know Zero Waste Living isn’t a new concept? Nope, just ask your Grandparents how they lived before there were supermarkets in every town. Modern day convenience, in the form of packaged goods, is a relatively new concept to humanity and is doing global damage at an alarming rate.

But what if back to basics living became easy again? What if merging the old with the new produced a wonderful fulfilling way to live, that helps to improve health – human, animal and planet. Well, that’s what I want to teach you!

A Zero Waste Lifestyle is easy once you know how, but sometimes we need a little help and guidance to get us started.

Come and be a guest in my home. I’ll show you around, you can ask questions, we’ll make some creative projects together (based on what’s relevant to you) and I’ll help coach you on how to get started on your Waste Reduction journey.

This is unlike any waste reduction workshop you’ll find available. Why? Because I’m unique, and what you’ll get from us sharing time together will be more than money can buy. Leave energetically infused, inspired and meet other like-minded people to connect with.

You’ll also get access to a private Facebook Group that contains paid members only, because this event is just the start of the conversation.

Numbers are limited. More dates will be released periodically, but please don’t hesitate to request a different date if you can’t make this one:

Please, join me, and let’s start cleaning up this gorgeous planet of ours one empowered step at a time. Let’s create a lifestyle that all future generations will be proud of, that helps to restore balance and respect on the Earth. Now that is worth our time, money and attention!

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Sunday 19th August 2018 – 12.30-4.30pm – Parkerville


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