Sounds so wanky, I know, ‘I’m a lightworker’, but things just are what they are.


Being a lightworker isn’t something that you choose – It chooses you. In fact, it’s predestined way before we know anything about it.


It’s an absolute blessing but it doesn’t always feel that way. There’s challenging periods that you have to go through to get your light.


When you find your light, it doesn’t mean it’s there for good, ohhhh no siree, you’ll get tested, challenged and put through the ringer. You get broken down and cracked open – all to be built back up again and rebirthed into a better version of you.


But all of that has a purpose. It develops an empathy that you wouldn’t otherwise know. A strength that will endure you a lifetime. And a love so strong it can move mountains.


Lightworkers have a special purpose, they’re driven by something bigger than themselves. They’ll often go against the grain of society, treading their own path, driven by a deep knowing that there must be more ‘than this’.


When in their full brilliant brightness lightworkers are powerful, they radiate, and people can feel their uplifting energy when in their presence. Their smile, their kindness, their generosity, their heartfelt love is infectious, warm and comforting.


Lightworkers, quite simply, bring light to the Earth. They’re healers, even if they don’t know how, just being is enough. And don’t even try to understand it. Ohh no. The more you learn the more you realise you know nothing.


And, there’s another thing. Some people/things/entitites don’t want lightworkers to be bright so they’ll try to steal their light – it’s in their best interest to keep them dulled down, disempowered. This is just another test. Knowing, and overcoming, fear is essential because the ultimate truth is only love is real.


Don’t know if you’re a lightworker? Don’t worry, it’s a path of destiny and you’ll organically find out sooner or later. You’ll be guided – to the right people, the right books, the right places – there’s an awakening process to finding your light.


And once you’re there – Awake – you’ll find ‘your kind’, your family, your lightbeing family. And what a joyous time that is! To find the ones you can speak authentically and openly with about all the mystical and magical in your life.


So, to the fellow lightworkers of the world – the ones awake, awakening, surviving, dull & bright – I deeply respect and honour you and your path.


May your light shine bright and light up the world with love, kindness and gratitude. 


We are one,

Karla xxx


* Photo credit to Damien Hill – Uluru Photography, my wonderful friend and photographer when I worked as a Cameleer at Uluru Camel Tours * How freakin good is it?! – Thanks Damo *

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