Missy and Leo Clydesdale Horses

Horse Wisdom

Jun 21, 2018 | Karla's Musings | 0 comments

These beautiful animals are about so much more than riding. In fact, that’s one of my lowest priorities for having them in my life.

These 2 are family. They hold space for me & help me to move through the ups and downs of life.

To look out the kitchen window and see them there supporting me brings light into my heart. They are so wise.

My animals have taught me so much that isn’t currently acknowledged in society…

Did you know we can clearly communicate with animals by connecting with them via our heart?

Did you know they can help heal us?

Did you know they can take on energy for us, which can manifest as ailments and disease in their bodies, to reflect what’s happening in our lives? By healing them, we too can heal ourselves. And, when I use the term healing, I’m talking about doing ‘The Work’ – the inner work, the deep, messy, shitty stuff that we often don’t want to look at or acknowledge.

If ever something happens to my animals, I always reflect on what they’ve taken on for me. I can also help them, by doing my own healing. It’s a two way deal.

Did you know they can transmute messages from the Earth & the Cosmics? They have a huge advantage over humans by being connected all day/night to the Earth & the Stars – this gives them insights which we may have missed due to our disconnection.

Did you know they’re so much more?

Animals are here to help us, support us, heal us, provide messages of wisdom, and they do all this with the added bonus of providing pure love & joy in our lives.

What a freakin team!! And how bloody lucky are we to co-create with such advanced souls?

Next time you interact with an animal see if you can feel their true resonance. See if you can look with your eyes behind your eyes – the ones that see via feeling and energy.

Animals are waiting for us to connect & invite us in at every given opportunity.

We just have to learn to see with new eyes and hear in a new way.

And wanna know how this message was just transmuted to you?? Via them! They just used me as a conduit.  ✨ What a mystical and magical world indeed  ? ? ?

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