Homemade Nut Mylk

May 22, 2019 | The Earth Girl Lifestyle | 0 comments

I have made nut mylks on and off for years, and have experimented with a HEAP of different methods. But, like anything I do, I’m always looking for the simplest, most convenient method that gets me the best result. I like efficiency!


Wanna know the best solution for homemade nut mylks? Make a nut paste in your blender & use that to make mylk (or milk if you prefer that terminology) when you need it.


My Favourite Recipe is to use 1 cup Cashews, 1 cup Macadamias, 4 Brazil nuts to create a paste (roast nuts before hand for 15 mins at 100C for an extra delicious result). To mix into mylk I use 1 tablespoon of paste to 1 cup water wizzed up a blender, I also added some vanilla for extra delicious flavour ?


Tip: To get a good consistency nut butter you’ll need to add some nuts with high oil content (eg Brazil, Macadamia), especially if you want to use something like Almond, which has a naturally low oil content. 


You can make any combination nut paste & flavour it however you want. When turning it into a mylk you can make a thicker or thinner consistency to taste.


I keep my nut paste in the pantry (or fridge if I have an ant problem!) & use it until its gone. I’ve never had a batch go mouldy & have sometimes kept it for over a year. 


With this particular nut paste combination, no straining is required when I make/use the mylk. I blitz it for 1 minute in the blender to make the mylk then keep in the fridge & use as needed.


So simple. So delicious. Ethical. Cheap. And most importantly, Zero Waste.


I just finished my morning coffee, which had some of this milk added and there was absolutely no separation and it was delicious!! WINNING! (some nut mylks separate in hot liquid and it’s not a great experience whilst trying to enjoy your cuppa)


Cheers to that!


Oh, and in case you’re reading this and thinking what the bloody hell is nut mylk?! It’s a plant based alternative to dairy milk.

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