Earth Girl


Imagine living in a manner that future generations would be proud of..

Imagine being part of the solution that restores balance & respect to the Earth....

Imagine creating change by simply inspiring others via the way you live...

Imagine never having to go to a supermarket again....

Well all of that is possible, and more… 

I have a passion for old school back to basics living, mixed with a love of modern day technology.

I’m on a mission to replace store bought, chemical laden products with homemade, natural, refillable alternatives that are just as effective and MORE convenient to whip up at home than go to the shops to buy.  

I’m in the process of writing my knowledge down, refining my recipes so that they’re easily replicable for anyone, in any quantity, and developing a plan so that it’s EASIER to live sustainably, than not.

The Earth Girl Lifestyle is not only an extremely fulfilling way to live, but is also empowering. Knowing that you’re part of the solution sparks a certain optimism about the future. Inspiring change by living via example is exactly the sort of revolution  that is going to change the world.

The Earth Girl Lifestyle =



Homemade Nut Mylk

I have made nut mylks on and off for years, and have experimented with a HEAP of different methods. But, like anything I do, I’m always looking for the simplest, most convenient method that gets me the best result. I like efficiency!   Wanna know the best...

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Make Your Own Face Oil Moisturiser

If you’ve been looking for a natural face or body oil moisturiser specifically formulated for you, in a super simple manner, using a pendulum may be the answer you’ve been looking for. I’ll show you how.

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How to Make Homemade Toothpaste

I've been making my own toothpaste for years, it took a bit to get used to at first but now it's so weird if I ever use store bought stuff. ‍‍‍My partner (Brett) and I have been living together since the beginning of 2017 and his store bought tube of toothpaste had...

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Since 2017 I've been running in-person workshops and presentations on a range of topics to share my knowledge and inspire change.

Each topic I present on helps me to write another chapter of the Earth Girl Life Bible, which is based on my healthy, homemade, low waste lifestyle. Within time this will be turned into a printed book with corresponding online components to help set people up for success.

I am only interested in the simplest, most natural and most effective solutions... because who has time (or can be bothered!) with complicated.. it's just not my jam. It's gotta be easy and it's gotta work! 

If you live in Perth, I'd love you to join me for an in-person presentation, and if you're not in Perth, I look forward to releasing the equivalent online version soon. Stay updated via the Earth Girl Newsletter by signing up at the bottom of this page.



Start Date Name Details Location Price
September 14, 2019

Learn to Make Your Own Coconut Oil Soap

Mundaring Wellness Centre, Harmony Hall, 16 Craig Street, Mundaring $35.00
Mundaring Wellness Centre, Harmony Hall, 16 Craig Street, Mundaring $35.00


Are you an organisation with the ability to sponsor an Earth Girl Education Session to inspire change? Great! Because you're just the sort of organisation I'd love to align with. Please click on the button below for more information on sponsored talks.


Online education of Earth Girl Lifestyle Topics coming soon!

In the meantime, I can offer you my first and only electronic reference document full of my Natural Personal Care Recipes...