Imagine living in a manner that future generations would be proud of..

Imagine being part of the solution that restores balance & respect to the Earth....

Imagine creating change by simply inspiring others via the way you live...

Imagine never having to go to a supermarket again....

Well, all of that is possible, and more…Karla Hooper  


Hey, I’m Karla and I’ve been super passionate about sustainable living for years and finding solutions for leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth – in fact, I’ve dedicated my life to it.


Wanna know what has turned out to be my number one solution? WASTE REDUCTION


Yep, from all my study, work experience, life adventures and observation, I honed down to waste reduction being the number one solution that will help humanity return balance and respect back to the Earth.


Sounds simple right? Wrong. Packaged convenience is now an integral part of our life and avoiding packaging is, well, impossible really – but minimising it IS possible and so is making better choices and being responsible for items that cannot be avoided. And that’s why this conversation needs to have a multifaceted approach and ultimately revolve around balance.  


And don’t just think it’s as simple as making a decision to stop using single use items overnight. Oh no siree! When first starting out it can be a daunting challenge full of judgement, overwhelm and failure.


Strategy, baby steps and support are the keys to success.    


I’ve personally been living a Low Waste Lifestyle since 2013. That means I do everything in my power to reduce single-use disposable items and packaging. My goal is to put as little as possible into both the rubbish and recycling bins.


I have a passion for old school back to basics living, mixed with a love of modern day technology that assist me to achieve my self sufficient homesteading dreams.


I’ve been on this journey for years and have learnt a lot along the way. I’m on a mission to replace store bought, chemical laden products with homemade, natural, refillable alternatives that are just as effective and MORE convenient to whip up at home than go to the shops to buy.  


I’m in the process of writing my knowledge down, refining my recipes so that they’re easily replicable for anyone, in any quantities, and developing a plan so that it’s EASIER to live sustainably, than not.


The Earth Girl Lifestyle is not only an extremely fulfilling way to live, but is also empowering. Knowing that you’re part of the solution sparks a certain optimism about the future. Inspiring change by living via example is exactly the sort of revolution that is going to change the world.



What is Zero Waste Living?

What is Zero Waste Living?

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