How to make a simple home compost bin

How to Make a Simple Home Compost Bin for your Kitchen Scraps

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I’m pretty sure I’ve found the easiest way, ever, to turn food scraps into useable soil.

  • Store scraps in a heap
  • Let it break down naturally
  • Use in the garden

You just need a little bit of patience while you’re building the heap, and then to let it break down.


I first discovered how simple this method was when I was piling food scraps into an old bath tub. I had a bit of old carpet on top, which I would lift to throw more scraps on the heap. It was open to the elements, got watered with the rain, and was pretty much forgotten about. I had no idea if it would ever turn into soil.


One day I needed to move it. A snake had made residence in my little heap and my house mate at the time was pretty uncomfortable with how close it was situated to the house. Upon emptying the contents of the tub I was delighted to find there was beautiful rich soil in the bottom. I couldn’t believe it was a success, and so simple.


I did some research and decided to use a sturdy plastic tub next, that way it would be simple to move when needed. I drilled a series of holes in an old horse feed bin and then proceeded to add my kitchen scraps periodically to it. It takes a while for it to get full, as the contents continually break down and reduce in size. However, once you get to the top, all you have to do is leave it for a while (a few months), to fully break down, and then you can add it to the soil in your vege patch or garden.


All you need to do is get yourself a tub, drill holes all around for aeration and find a little possie close to the house for easy access.


To reduce flies, you can add a top layer of straw, dirt, sawdust after you empty a scrap bucket in. I’m pretty easy going about this and normally just leave it flies and all – it’s never bothered me.


I add food scraps, hair from my brush, waste from the vacuum, shredded paper…. pretty much anything that was once living, I’ll add to my heap.


I’ll update this post with a pic of the soil my first bin made when it’s ready to go.


Do you have a different way of composting? I’d love to hear all about it! Please comment below.

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