I have been gifted one of my Nan’s gorgeous rings that I just love. It’s a big blue rock on my finger and I just love to see it clean and sparkling.


I was first told to put some bicarb and aluminium foil in a bowl with boiling water. I don’t have aluminium foil in my house so I remember saving a foil casing after eating a custard tart from the bakery. I used to break a bit off and add it to the solution.


Then I thought I’d try without the foil and it worked just as well. Now I just use bicarb.


Simply add your jewellery and some bicarb in a small bowl and pour boiling water on top. The solution will fizzle and foam. I then use an old makeup brush (which is extremely soft) and poke it around the back of the stone a bit.


It comes up sparkling. I often get comments from people when it’s clean and I reckon my Nan would be just as chuffed as I am.


If you have  a different natural way of cleaning your jewellery, please share below. I’d love to hear about it!

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