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Jul 16, 2017 | About Earth Girl, Karla's Story | 2 comments

So, where to from here? You now know a bit about me, but what about Earth Girl?



Earth Girl is about sharing Simple Sustainable Solutions for leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth. It’s for people who have had their eyes opened to the problems and are now seeking to become part of the solution.



Since the age of 22 I have been obsessed with finding solutions for how to live more sustainably on the Earth after being overwhelmed by the health issues humans and the planet are facing.

My journey led me to identify Waste Reduction to be the number one solution for humanity to return balance and respect to the Earth.

I’m now on a mission to inspire change by sharing aspects of my lifestyle that allow me to put both my rubbish and recycling bin out for collection once per year, with continually diminishing contents.

I want to educate humanity on why waste reduction is important, and how it is achievable.

Wanna know the best thing I’ve found about living a low waste lifestyle? It helps improve both human and environmental health. It’s an empowering and fulfilling way to take back control as individuals, knowing your lifestyle isn’t costing the Earth.

I personally have an interest in making things from scratch. Not only does it save me money, but I love knowing exactly what ingredients I’m using in my life. But I don’t have time or interest in complicated! My goal is to find the simplest, most effective, most natural and convenient solutions.

I remember what it was like when I first got educated and started to look for solutions. It was overwhelming! And some days it felt like nothing I could do would make a difference, so why bother trying? I want to be the light for you to know every little step you take is making a difference. I want to link you with people who also care. I want to infuse you with encouragement, and let you know we’re in this together, that there’s hope and light at every turn. And, I want to show you changing our habits and improving our health is simple + saves money AND time.

Via sharing my story, my goal is to inspire you, and then for you to inspire another, and to create a vortex of change around the globe via our actions. This is a revolution.

Ready to get started on your Healthy, Low Waste Lifestyle… From Scratch?

Fantastic! Please come right this way…



Workshops will be run on a range of sustainable living topics. They will be held in person – to learn, obtain feedback and develop an efficient model that I know participants love. Each Workshop will then be turned into an online e-course, so it’s accessible for everyone. Then the next workshop will be developed, and so on.


Mailing List

Communicating authentically with people is something I LOVE to do. And that’s exactly what I intend to do with the Earth Girl email list. I will send emails with inspired information, exclusive offers, updates, highlights of what’s been happening on Social Media and YouTube + more. Obtaining your email is understood to be sacred ground and will not be abused or taken lightly.

Sign up for Earth Girl’s Email List HERE


Social Media

Who doesn’t do Social Media this day n age? Such a powerful tool when used correctly. You can find Earth Girl on the following platforms:

  • Instagram – this is space for sharing a whole array of daily images. If you want an insight into Earth Girl life, this is the place to visit.
  • Facebook – A space to share Earth Girl info + other people’s inspirational material.
  • Twitter – to be totally honest, I don’t actually know how to use this yet… but I’ll get there..
  • YouTube – subscribe here for tutorial videos
  • Pinterest – inspiration overload, I love this tool!

*Note: Please be aware a big limiting factor with Social Media is that the content you see is controlled by the Host. Absolutely, the best avenue to stay connected is via email, where you’ll never miss out on a thing. 



Destiny says an Earth Girl Podcast will be coming soon in the future. Stay tuned for that instalment! 


So, please connect with me, walk with purpose and speak with grace. We have a big job in front of us, but together I know we can achieve greatness. Come, journey with me, and let’s change the world together.


Karla xx


Please step right this way to learn more about the Earth Girl Lifestyle…


**Photo: Leo and I


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  1. Debbie

    I just read your story, I couldn’t stop, wanting to know your next adventure. What an amazing story. Your so amazing, having such drive to keep trying. We all have life challenges we have to deal with, sometimes it is hard to stay positive. But, your story is inspiring. So glad you met your Soul Mate, they are hard to find!! I saw you on the channel seven news tonight, thought you were an inspiration! looked up Google and found your website. Here I am sending this comment. keep up the good work. Warmest regards Debx

    • Karla

      Deb, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and leave your support – I sooo appreciate it!! Your words are pure happiness to my heart and I’m so happy you’ve left here feeling inspired. Yes, meeting Brett made everything worth the effort – I give thanks every single day. I’m looking forward to writing more stories soon… stay tuned! xxx


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