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8. Birthing Earth Girl and Piecing it All Together

Jul 7, 2017 | Karla's Story, Karla's Story | 0 comments

I was at another new beginning, only now with my soul mate by my side. What a welcome relief!


Once I’d got my head around moving away from the community that I loved like family, I was ready for the universe to present my next move. I was open to getting a job, especially now that I lived closer to Perth, which opened up more selection and opportunities, and I was more than interested in starting my own business, working independently was my ultimate dream. But, I was unsure what I was supposed to be focused on? I lacked some serious clarity and felt a little off track, misguided and lost.


I toyed with the idea of starting another community market in my new area, it’s what I knew, but as I started the process the familiar feeling of misalignment crept in. I was at a loss and needed some help and guidance.


I was having a cuppa at the local shops, where one of my friends runs a spiritual based business. I messaged on the off chance she was free for a quick catchup. She was. As I poured my heart out to her and explained my life dilemma, I questioned if one of her ‘Soul Mapping’ sessions would help? I’d had a Soul Mapping session when I first got back to Perth in 2012 and it was a profound experience. She said yes. I ignored my concern about not being able to afford it, and in a moment of desperation, I said when can you fit me in?


Two days later, during our session, was another profound turning point in my life, where nothing would be the same again.


The channelled guidance I got put me back on track and solidified my way forward. It was then, that the name Earth Girl was given to me, and clarity about how I was to progress with my life’s work.


I left excited, a little bewildered, and curious. It took me some time to get used to the name Earth Girl and to get started with this new life venture. Slowly the confusion of the past two and a half years started to lift, and the dots started to join. It was like I’d explored sections within my dream, but had lost sight of the big picture.


As I looked back, I realised there were so many things that qualified me to become ‘Earth Girl’:

  • My innate love and appreciation for Mother Nature and the connection I’d developed during my lifetime of bush walks, spiritual development and travel.
  • My professional qualifications as a Health and Environmental Scientist.
  • My work experience within the health, environment, waste & eco-tourism sectors.
  • My passion, dedication and implementation of sustainable solutions in my everyday life.
  • My experience in community work and development of events.
  • My self taught skills of website design, branding, graphic design, communication and promotion techniques.


I was made for this!


My goal of living a self sufficient lifestyle that has minimal impact on the Earth is an ongoing journey. It’s taken me years to get to this point and I’m the first to admit I still have a long way to go. But dedicating my life to Earth Girl allows me to expand, grow and progress toward my desire to live in better harmony and balance with all living things.


And my intention is to share what I know with you, so you can save years of time and frustration. I am naturally quite lazy with everyday activities and if anything is too hard, I’m not interested. I like simple, effective solutions that get me to my desired outcome via the easiest, healthiest and fastest route.


I truly believe each of us can change the world via our actions, and that we have the power to become the solution needed for living more harmoniously on the Earth. And, there’s a ripple effect – each solution I implement empowers me and makes me feel great. Other people see that and get curious, they observe, learn, try, implement and then they feel great, which inspires another, and the positive cycle continues.


We have the control, and the ability to live abundant lives in a way that adds value to the Earth and everyone around us, instead of the opposite.


In my eyes, the revolution has already started. Can you feel it? Watch out world because those big dreams are in the process of turning into reality. So please, buckle up, hold on and enjoy the ride. 


Read more about Earth Girl by clicking Here… 

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