For the past few years I’ve entertained and attempted the new year resolution thing. But not this year. I decided new years resolutions are not for me as I feel like they often set me up for failure rather than success. Before 2017 ended I enquired to my soul – where was I going wrong and why did I feel this way?


I sat with the question for a while and a little into the new year the answer pinged into my mind. I had missed focusing on the FEELING of what I wanted and why. THIS was the missing link I’d been seeking.


I’d heard of creating vision boards many times and had attempted my own in the past, but never succeeded. It just didn’t feel right. But this year I had a calling where I knew I had to create my own board. But it wasn’t like the other ones I’d ever seen. Mine was a simple set of written cards with all the things my heart desired for 2018.



This was the start of my 2018 planning and led me to create another board outlining what I was trying to achieve in my life, based on my website as the focal point. This allowed me to get clear on what I was doing and how I was going to do it.



Seeing everything laid out like this brought me such a sense of relief. I thrive off being organised and love to create strategies, and this was the perfect first step for both.


The next part of my soul guidance was to create Daily Meditation Cards to keep me focused and aligned with achieving my goals.



These are used as daily prompts that allow me to immerse myself in how it feels to BE what I want. Each card has written passages for me to read. Some are designed to get me connected, empowered and in a state of gratitude. Others specifically revolve around my key goals for this year and involve prompted questions for me to imagine what it would look/feel like to achieve these things.


I have 2 big ticket items in my sights for this year:

  1. I’m going to successfully complete my first trek with my camel and horses. This allows me to complete my Gypsy Dreaming story, and also starts the next chapter – where yearly trekking becomes a part of our life.
  2. I’m going to write a Sustainable Living Life Bible as a guiding document. This is to help with the mission of having as minimal impact on the Earth via our daily lifestyle actions as possible. Each chapter will then be turned into a workshop/e-course so I can help as many people as possible to also achieve this goal.


My word for 2018 is SEEN. I am ready for my true authentic self to be seen, and for my gifts to be shared with the world.


I feel so much more content this year. I think this is partly to do with destiny and definitely to do with the fact I’ve got my direction straight from my guidance – I asked my soul and it answered – perfectly directing me, for me. And this is the first year I’ve based all my decisions on asking my heart ‘What would feel good’ – what should we do that’s going to make us feel joyous and fulfilled?


So, if you’ve been like me in the past and got a bit lost – by trying what other people are doing but it just didn’t seem to be working for you – I highly recommend enquiring to your soul for answers that are perfectly aligned for you.


Here’s to walking our own divinely guided unique paths and knowing the answers are always within us,

Karla xx


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