I have been obsessed with finding solutions for how to live more sustainably on the Earth since my eyes were opened in my early 20’s to many of the health issues facing humanity and the planet.

It has taken me years to find simple solutions that help me to live a low impact lifestyle that aims to return balance and respect to the Earth, whilst improving both human AND environmental health.

And now I want to share my knowledge with you. 


I’m currently developing my own Life Bible, a record of my lifestyle that’s based on what I’ve learnt over many years. I’m recording my knowledge, beliefs, experiments, recipes and more. It’s my one stop reference to make my life easier, and hopefully yours too.

After years of research, trial and error, it’s time to put it all together. The below information is a work in progress that is continuously being updated. Don’t be shocked if you just see skeletal frameworks, in time it will be filled out. You’re able to watch it all unfold real time… 



Healthy, Low Waste Living... From Scratch

The Earth Girl Lifestyle is my life’s work. It is a combination of lessons learnt, experiences gained and knowledge shared.

I am 100% committed to continuously improving my daily lifestyle to have less impact on the Earth. 


I’m developing the Earth Girl Lifestyle as my solution to help return balance and respect to the Earth via everyday low impact living.

In an ideal world, I would live self sufficiently, off the land, having zero impact. However, this is not a realistic goal from where I’ve started and I don’t believe it’s a realistic expectation of westernised societies in general. 

So I wanted to create a bridge, a stepping stone to a lifestyle that has westernised living appeal but aims to improve the health of humans AND the environment.

The Earth Girl Lifestyle is focused on healthy, low waste living. It’s about simple, effective and convenient everyday solutions for a healthier way to live on the planet. 

I have an ever inquiring mind that is constantly asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ and I’ve personally found the more I know, the less I know. It’s a continual journey of evolution which is why I love to invest my time researching, experimenting and developing simple solutions.

Writing the Earth Girl Lifestyle is an evolutionary love affair that I’m honoured to share with the world. It’s been a work in progress for many years and I’m hoping by sharing my knowledge I can help to minimise the extreme overwhelm that can be inevitable when you’re open to change and looking for solutions.

I hope this information can become a safe space for you to learn, share and grow. 


Given I’m obsessed with finding solutions, I think it’s only fair that I outline what I define as problems, with the knowledge this information is relevant to MY belief system.


Population Growth

Insatiable Consumerism





Chronic Illness

Mental Health

Drugged (alcohol, medication, illicit drugs)

Spiritual Disconnection

Programmed Conditioning

Consumption of Health Destructive Products

Unresolved Trauma

Chemically Grown Food Consumption

Disrespect of our Natural Environment


Natural Species Decline (plant and animal kingdom)

Natural Disasters

Environmental Destruction


Unresolved Trauma of the Land

Chemically Grown Food

General Chemical Use

Mass Agriculture

Genetically Modified Organisms




Consumption of Non-Renewable Resources

Insane Traditions


Profit before Planet

Production of Health Destructive Products

Single Use Packaging



Habitat Destruction

Health Destructive Feed (domesticated)

Human Disconnection to their Purpose



Waste Reduction is one of the highest values in my life. It’s the low hanging fruit that I’ve been able to implement in my life to instantly start to return balance and respect to the Earth.

Single use packaging has a lot to answer for, and via behaviour change, I’ve been able to successfully put both my kerbside rubbish and recycling bin out for collection less than once per year. 


Low Waste Living aims to:

  • minimise single use packaging as much as possible
  • replace single use packaging with quality reusable alternatives
  • care for items owned
  • manage unavoidable waste responsibly

 Improve human, animal and environmental health by:

  • Reducing pollution
  • Putting less demand on the Earth by using less resources

Just to be clear, I was not raised environmentally aware and was an unconscious consumer up to my early 20’s, relying on packaged convenience for all my needs.

Reducing waste has been an ongoing process over many years. It’s required many baby steps of change.

Overwhelm has been an inevitable part of my journey. Wanting to change, and knowing how to make changes has been a challenge.

And it’s an ongoing process.

Slowly but surely, I find more solutions and implement them into my life, which then become the norm. 

The goal is to continually improve on my own personal best. 


I don’t think there’s anything more important than health, and I believe the health of the Earth and our bodies are interlinked.


For me, health comes down to a few things:

  • Knowing what ingredients I’m putting into and onto my body, and using in my surrounding environment
  • Cleaning up past contamination
  • Resolving trauma
  • Work on healing existing health conditions
  • Getting connected to the messages my body/the Earth are giving me

With our skin being our largest organ, what we put on it is just as important as what we put in our body.

I make my own products that cleanse my body gently and  feed and nourish my body. 



The space around my home is just as important as the space within my home. I aim to improve the immediate environment that I’m custodian of via: 

  • improving soil health
  • growing herbs, vegetables and fruit
  • practicing natural lores and not using toxic chemicals

I’m developing the Earth Girl Diet to be based on what I consider to be best practice for health.

The foundations of the Earth Girl Diet are: 

  • Low Waste
  • Whole-food
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Meat Free
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free

I want to eat food that is nutrient dense, grown and processed via natural lores. The goal is to eat as many fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs as possible.


My home is my retreat, a place that nurtures me and supports my health. I keep my home environment clean and clear by:

  • making and using my own natural cleaners
  • cleansing the air via open windows and indoor plants
  • keeping the space energetically clear by burning natural incense and infusing good intentions

Animals are my everything and their health is of the utmost importance to me. I strive to keep animals within my guardianship healthy via: 

  • providing them as much free grazing/roaming space as possible 
  • feeding natural whole-foods that are not factory processed 
  • utilising natural healing techniques
  • learning to listen via my inner voice to communicate with animals


I love DIY and making things from scratch.

I love learning new skills, being self-reliant, and educating myself on the foundational building blocks of making things from scratch, which helps me to see how things are interlinked and connected.


I personally like to make things from scratch:

  • So I know exactly what ingredients I’m putting onto/into my body + using around my home.
  • Because I often don’t know who to trust when profit comes before planet 
  • So I can get educated on ingredients, processes and how things interrelate
  • Because my favourite way to learn is via experience, not theory
  • Because it’s a practical creative outlet
  • Because it saves me a heap of money, and often time







I didn’t have much need for liquid soap in my life as solid bar soap catered to most of my needs. But then I looked around whilst away from home… and noticed the epidemic that is liquid hand washing soap. I knew I had to learn to make my own so I could offer a refillable alternative STAT. 

And then I developed a bit of a love affair with liquid soap, realising it’s just as versatile as bar soap. I use it for my multipurpose cleaning spray, to clean the floors, and I put some in the toilet bowl and give it a good scrub. Plus, it can also be used hands, hair and body – winning! 


DIY Liquid Soap





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