I have been obsessed with finding solutions for how to live more sustainably on the Earth since my eyes were opened in my early 20’s to many of the health issues facing humanity and the planet.

It has taken me years to find simple solutions that help me to live a low impact lifestyle that aims to return balance and respect to the Earth, whilst improving both human AND environmental health.

And now I want to share my knowledge with you. 


I’m currently developing my own Life Bible, a record of my lifestyle that’s based on what I’ve learnt over many years. I’m recording my knowledge, beliefs, experiments, recipes and more. It’s my one stop reference to make my life easier, and hopefully yours too.

After years of research, trial and error, it’s time to put it all together. The below information is a work in progress that is continuously being updated. Don’t be shocked if you just see skeletal frameworks, in time it will be filled out. You’re able to watch it all unfold real time… 



Healthy, Low Waste Living... From Scratch

I’m developing the Earth Girl Lifestyle as my solution to help return balance and respect to the Earth via everyday low impact living.

In an ideal world, I would live self sufficiently, off the land, having zero impact. However, this is not a realistic goal from where I’ve started and I don’t believe it’s a realistic expectation of westernised societies in general. 

So I wanted to create a bridge, a stepping stone to a lifestyle that has westernised living appeal but aims to improve the health of humans AND the environment.

The Earth Girl Lifestyle is focused on healthy, low waste living. It’s about simple, effective and convenient everyday solutions for a healthier way to live on the planet. 

I have an ever inquiring mind that is constantly asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ and I’ve personally found the more I know, the less I know. It’s a continual journey of evolution which is why I love to invest my time researching, experimenting and developing simple solutions.

Writing the Earth Girl Lifestyle is an evolutionary love affair that I’m honoured to share with the world. It’s been a work in progress for many years and I’m hoping by sharing my knowledge I can help to minimise the extreme overwhelm that can be inevitable when you’re open to change and looking for solutions.

I hope this information can become a safe space for you to learn, share and grow. 

  1. Develop the Earth Girl Lifestyle via this website
  2. Document the Earth Girl Lifestyle via a published book
  3. Develop a system to help other people implement the Earth Girl Lifestyle and develop their own Life Bible

Ongoing: Research, develop and upskill within all Earth Girl Lifestyle Topics


Given I’m obsessed with finding solutions, I think it’s only fair that I outline what I define as problems, with the knowledge that this information is relevant to MY belief system.



Chronic Illness

Mental Health

Over Medicated


Time Poor



Natural Disasters


Environmental Destruction (Deforestation)



Non Renewable Precious Resources

Chemically Grown Food


Population Growth


Insane Traditions


Profit over Planet





The highest value in my life is Waste Reduction, I even put it before health. For example, if I had to choose between an organic celery wrapped in plastic or a conventionally grown one not wrapped in plastic, I would choose the former.

I believe waste reduction to be the single most important focus for humanity at this time on the planet as I believe it has potential to return balance and respect to the Earth and simultaneously improve both human and environmental health. Why? Because if the farmer who grew the celery was also focused on waste reduction, maybe they wouldn’t use the packaged chemicals in the first place.

The ultimate way to reduce waste is to return to natural processes, once again working harmoniously with the surrounding environment. But one step at a time… even I have a long way to go to get there!   


Because our modern day addiction to packaged goods is like a disease to humans AND the environment. We are polluting our bodies and the Earth to a point that is not sustainable. The balance is out and something has to give.

Plastics and synthetics are created from non-renewable resources. Supply and demand are what drive the market – the more we consume the more raw resources need to be supplied. Every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists. Wildlife are hugely suffering from our throwaway lifestyles and the pollution that goes with it.

Our society is afforded great convenience by allowing us to place waste items in a bin and to not have to think about it again. But there is no away. Scratch a tiny bit under the surface and it’s easy to identify the waste and recycling industries are facing many problems.

Landfills are filling up and no one wants a new one in their backyard, yet we are consuming at an insatiable rate and it has to go somewhere. For recycling to truly work, items need to be processed in separated material categories. We need waste to be seen as a resource, worthy of a closed loop system.

No organisation is currently able to take responsibility for the problem – a group human effort is required. The ONLY thing that is in our control is to take personal responsibility for our own actions and actively strive to reduce our waste consumption.

Even if the world’s population were to stop using single use items tomorrow, we’d still have years of cleaning up to do – a holistic approach is required.

By taking responsibility for our daily actions we have the power to heal and transform the situation. Our daily actions COUNT and we can be our own superheroes – not just for us, but for ALL future generations. This is worth our attention, energy and commitment.

Understandably, most of the general population are not aware of the extent of the problem. Many believe being a person who knows what to put in the right bin is enough. But actually, it’s not. The solution is to focus on waste reduction and knowing how to responsibly dispose of waste that cannot be avoided.


Karla Hooper Earth Girl What is Low Waste Living

See these bins? My whole life revolves around putting as little as possible into them. Yep, including the recycling bin. This is known as a Low Waste Lifestyle and is based on eliminating single use packaging as much as possible.

Why? Because there is no such thing as ‘away’ and single use packaging puts a mammoth demand on precious resources for an extremely short lived (and arguably selfish) product.

Did you know plastic is made from oil? And did you know oil is made from ancient plankton that died millions of years ago, which is not self renewing? Did you connect that each piece of paper or cardboard used to be a tree, which would have provided a home, shelter and protection for many species.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know how blessed we are to have modern day luxuries that stem from mining, oil and gas and other natural resources, but I also believe these incredible resources produced from the Earth should be respected and held in the highest regard… not just turned into short term pleasures to be disposed of, in turn creating mass pollution on this beautiful planet we are lucky enough to call home.

I used to believe I was a good Earth Citizen because I used the right bin to dispose my waste and I trusted that once my bins were conveniently picked up from my roadside kerb, that waste had minimal impact on the Earth, animals or people. But then I got educated. I went to Uni, I worked as a Health Specialist in the Mining, Oil and Gas Industries, I worked at Waste and Recycling Facilities and I worked as an Environmental Officer for local Government.

I’d always been passionate about Sustainable Living, but I hadn’t paid too much attention to Waste – I thought recycling was the answer. But I now know it’s not. I now believe finding better reusable, sustainable solutions to single use packaging is the answer, and I’ve dedicated my life to the cause.

I found that by focusing on reducing my waste I could significantly improve other areas of my life that I was also passionate about, such as:

  • Improving my health because I started making everything from scratch from whole ingredients.
  • Improving the Earth’s health by putting less chemicals down the drain and into landfill + lessening my chance of environmental packaging pollution that can harm wildlife.
  • Improving animals health and wellbeing by not buying products that have been tested on animals.
  • Saving money by growing my own, buying second hand, upcycling old and pre-loved items.
  • Obtaining clarity by decluttering my life and living minimalistically.
  • Feeling proud that I was being part of the solution and that my lifestyle was not a contributing factor to more mines starting up.

And the list goes on..

Living a Low Waste Lifestyle requires you to adopt some back to basic, old school principles – you know, like what was normal for our grandparents. And honestly, it’s so bloody rewarding when you find a new solution that mixes old school ways with new world technologies.

To me, this is really about balance. I want my lifestyle to not only take from the Earth, but also to give back.

Although I would love all companies and people to care about Low Waste Living, I also know that is unrealistic. So, my only option is to start with me first and change my own life to fit my Low Waste Values. Does that mean I’m perfect and never use single use packaging? Absolutely not! I’m no saint, but I am committed to doing better and improving one step and solution at a time.

Low Waste Living is a personal affair that is evaluated by improving on your own personal best. The goal is long term lifestyle change via continual baby steps of improvement.


Waste reduction is a process. It takes time. Lots of it. After all the most effective way to reduce waste is to change habits, and behaviour changes requires continual baby steps.

Although I upped my waste reduction game significantly in 2013, I had the desire long before then and had already adapted my lifestyle from early adulthood, where everything I ate or used came from packaged convenience. 

Overwhelm almost goes hand in hand with the waste reduction journey. I’ve experienced my fair share, but I’m hoping being able to use the information on this website will help minimise that experience for others. 





Low Tox




Personal Care


Wholefood, low waste diet that is free of eggs, dairy, meat, soy, gluten, which is nutrient dense via eating as many fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs as possible.






I personally like to make things from scratch:

  • So I know exactly what ingredients I’m putting onto/into my body + using around my home.
  • Because I often don’t know who to trust when profit comes before planet 
  • So I can get educated on ingredients, processes and how things interrelate
  • Because my favourite way to learn is via experience, not theory
  • Because it’s a practical creative outlet
  • Because it saves me a heap of money, and often time







I didn’t have much need for liquid soap in my life as solid bar soap catered to most of my needs. But then I looked around whilst away from home… and noticed the epidemic that is liquid hand washing soap. I knew I had to learn to make my own so I could offer a refillable alternative STAT. 

And then I developed a bit of a love affair with liquid soap, realising it’s just as versatile as bar soap. I use it for my multipurpose cleaning spray, to clean the floors, and I put some in the toilet bowl and give it a good scrub. Plus, it can also be used hands, hair and body – winning! 


DIY Liquid Soap





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What is Low Waste Living?

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