I’m Karla and it’s such an honour to have you visiting.

I’ve recently started blogging to tell my story and share my passion. I live in the Perth Hills of Western Australia with my gorgeous partner (Brett), 2 clydesdale horses (Missy & Leo), 2 dogs (Wilson & Mitzy) and 2 chooks.

Something you should know about me:

I love all things Animals, Sustainability & Spirituality


So much so, in 2010 I quit my corporate job to intuitively travel Australia to learn about using camels as a form of sustainable transportation. It was a 2 year adventure of remote locations, catching camels from the wild and working as a cameleer in Central Australia. 

I still have a camel in Perth, however she currently lives on retreat, about 4 hours drive away.

Oh, and one more thing…

I Love Techy Stuff


I have taught myself WordPress.org Web Design + all things Media Creation – on an extreme budget. It’s an ongoing journey & I’m a big believer in #progressnotperfection. I absolutely love learning & improving, and most of all I love sharing my knowledge to help empower others.

 I’ve recently started a new love affair called Earth Girl. This is where I’m sharing simple solutions for living more sustainably. I’d be delighted to have you follow along.



In 2010 I quit my corporate job to travel Australia, learning about camels as a form of sustainable transportation. The story starts here: